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In the midst of so much devastation and heartbreak, there also continues to be stories of God showing up and providing for needs. We’re so thankful that we serve a big God who isn’t overwhelmed by the details and the massive amount of work that now needs to be done.

When Hurricane Harvey continued to intensify, a couple of families in OneLife that decided to evacuate were the Ziglars (Our awesome Kids Ministry Directors) and the Nagels (One of our Seabrook Elders). Chris and Courtney Nagel have family in the Dallas area, so the two families packed up their littles and headed north for a few days.

This put them in a unique position to purchase and bring back much needed supplies to help out with our clean-up efforts. It started off really small – just them reaching out to a couple of family members, and pooling their own money together to try to fill their vehicles. But quickly grew once they created a GoFundMe and decided to ask others if they wanted to help provide money for supplies.

What blows our minds is that while a small amount of the people who financially supported were OneLifers, most of the people who gave were from out of state, or strangers in Dallas who saw them purchasing supplies, found out they were taking it all back to Houston, and started handing them cash to buy even more.

The desire to help was huge and widespread, and we are incredibly appreciative.

The goal on the GoFundMe was $1,000 and they were able to raise almost 3 times that amount.

This money was then used to purchase things like blowers to dry out walls in the flooded homes, bleach, gloves, masks, safety glasses, sheet rock cutters, crowbars, trash bags, brooms, mops, duct tape, and more. These items have been invaluable as our people have continued to show up each day ready to split into teams and go clean out more and more houses that were damaged in the flood. They were also able to bring back some needed medicine, diapers, wipes and toilet paper.

Not only did people donate and make it possible to purchase these items, but the school that the Nagels graduated from jumped in and got involved as well! Lucas Christian Academy heard about what was happening, and sent out an email just 3 hours before parents would be arriving to pick up their kids. The email explained the situation to the parents and asked them to drop off donations when they came for pick up. Because the Ziglars and Nagels were heading back to Houston that night, this was the only chance to drop off supplies, so they expected the results to be pretty minimal.

Before pick up even started a donation pile began to accumulate at the school, and by the time the 3 hours were over, there was an incredible amount of water, paper towels, bread, peanut butter, and jelly that had been donated. We didn’t get a chance to count the overall amount, but so far it has been enough to provide lunches for every single volunteer for two days, and we haven’t even made a dent in the massive amount that they provided.

This food has been such a HUGE blessing to our amazing volunteers – several have commented on how perfect it was, and that after working all morning it was one of the best meals they’ve ever had. 🙂 Cleaning out a flooded house is dirty, time consuming, and tiring work. We’re so thankful for the people that are sacrificing their time each day to continue the clean-up process, the people who made it possible to buy the necessary tools, and the parents and faculty at Lucas Christian Academy that provided food to keep our volunteers going!

Seriously. We can’t say enough – Thank you!

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