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OneLife, You guys are continuing to knock it out of the park! It’s amazing how many people have been coming out the last 3 days to sort donations, watch kids, make lunches, and serve on clean-up teams!

Thanks to all of your hard work we are now done cleaning out 12 houses and have started on more!

What you guys have been doing has a significant impact on those in our community, and we’re so thankful for the way you all are continuing to give so selflessly.

While we’ve made huge strides, and we’re all tired and sore, tomorrow is Saturday! We will be providing babysitting all day, and are hoping to finish cleaning multiple houses.

If you’re interested in helping with the clean-up, we’re meeting at 9:00 am tomorrow morning at the Clear Lake building to split into teams and head out! We love you OneLife, you guys are awesome!

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