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We are SO thankful for all of the people all over the country that have been praying, reaching out to us, and giving financially to help out in the Harvey relief efforts. God is continuing to provide supplies, people, and finances to help restore our city, and take care of the people around us.

Last week, some of our Kid’s Ministry Director’s family members from Georgia started making plans to come to Texas to help clean out flooded houses. On Wednesday they posted on Facebook letting family and friends know their plans, and offered the chance for people to donate so they could purchase supplies to bring. They posted just a little over 24 hours before they needed to start the drive to Texas, and people gave so generously! By the time they left early Friday morning, they were able to fill a van, truck, and trailer full of cleaning supplies, plus placed an order for dehumidifiers to be delivered here.

The trip from Georgia to Houston is already a long one, and with road closure complications due to Harvey, it took even longer. But they willingly made the trip, maintained amazing attitudes through it, and spent their entire visit here working hard alongside our people to serve the community.

We’re so thankful for you McWhorters!

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